Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Judah/Andrew/family update

We need a post about the boys!

The last post about them was for Andrew's first birthday in October. And we're already nearing the 15 month mark (Jan 22). In between then and now, there was hunting in early November, and an early Christmas present from Ohio grandparents: a jeep!

Thanksgiving Day, 2010. At Great Grandma's.
Just before Christmas, my brother Tyler came to visit. He helped butcher chickens. We also went sledding on the only hill in the area, Bemis Hill, which is in a state forest. Boy was it cold out!... But what am I saying?! It's still cold out! I think the high today is supposed to be -6 degrees Fahrenheit!
Here, Judah just opened a present from Grandma Linda and Grandpa Allan... it's a Fishing Game! The picture is a little blurry... it was hard to keep Judah still.
Andrew likes to look at books.
Sledding...we all fit!
Andrew's expression at Tyler makes me laugh.
Judah likes helping me hang up clothes on our indoor clothesline.
We opened Christmas presents on the 23rd, as we had Christmas Eve service with our church on the 24th at our house. Judah got Star Wars underwear, pretty exciting.
Andrew wasn't nearly as excited about opening gifts as Judah was.
Andrew holding a book I got...hmm, is it any coincidence it's about stain removal? ;-)
Christmas Eve meal: Lutefisk, Lefse, Rommegrot, peas, mashed potatoes.
Christmas Day at Great Grandma's. After this we traveled to Iowa.
Then we arrived in Iowa on Saturday night. Next morning we opened gifts, went to church, then had a family gathering.
Andrew got a new bib!
Musical entertainment at Great Grandpa and Grandma Armbrecht's...
Then after a few days in Iowa, it was to time to start on our way back home, but not without a stop to Mankato!

And now we have mid-winter cabin fever.

Judah found Daddy's toy crossbow... he's pretty good! Andrew would run and get the balls.
He's not always happy, see?
Andrew is "flying Lutheran"... see the words on the plane by Grandpa Merseth?
And that should catch you up to now! We're all happy and healthy. The boys love going outside in the snow, although the bundling up and bundling down time usually takes longer than the actual outside time, since it's so cold! We are still enjoying our log cabin, though I need to be diligent about keeping wood in the stove, especially now that Jeff is at work during the day, and even putting in overtime. He's been leaving at 5am to get to Polaris by 5:30 to work until 3:30. It's a long day that leaves him exhausted. He's supposed to move to 2nd shift in a week or two. Oh, and we need to find another place to have church at, now that we can no longer use the Roseau Electric Cooperative. Until we find a place in Roseau, we'll be having church at our house. Never a dull moment!

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