Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Enoch-- 0 to 3 months

I haven't shared much about Enoch lately, because frankly, a lot has been happening. See previous post about our move.

So this will be mostly a picture post of Enoch over the past three months.

10-26-11 @ 2 days old
10-27-11 @ 3 days old
10-31-11 @ 1 week old
11-1-11 @ 8 days old with Big Brothers
Grandma Linda putting the "plug" in. It only worked for the first couple months.
11-2-11 @ 10 days old
11-4-11 @ 12 days old
Baptism Day, 11-6-11 @ almost 2 weeks old
Pastor John Merseth (Grandpa Merseth) performed the Rite of Baptism at Our Savior's down in Bagley on "Deer Hunting Sunday" with Pastor Mark and Marlene Faugstad as Enoch's Godparents. Here he is, screaming away. ;-)
Grandma Linda and Grandpa Allan with newly christened baby.
Me holding Enoch by cake I decorated for the occasion.
11-7-11 @ 2 weeks old
11-14-11 @ 3 weeks old
With Uncle Adam, Thanksgiving Day, 11-24-11 @ 1 month old
With Grandpa Allan, Thanksgiving Day
With Uncle Tyler, Thanksgiving Day
Aw, so sweet!

12-5-11@ 1 1/2 months old
Christmas Eve 12-24-11 @ 2 months old
Sorry I didn't take many pictures this month... there were so many other people taking pictures for Christmas and such that I didn't think to take many on my camera, plus we were packing and unpacking....

Photo Shoot on 1-24-12 @ 3 months old
Brothers wanted to get in on the picture-taking action
"I want to hold him!"
Mommy wanted to get a better picture of the three boys. Andrew wasn't wanting to sit still...
He really is a smiley baby.
We are enjoying him a lot! He is very alert, always watching us. A good nurser, takes good naps, has slept through the night once, has been wearing 3-6 and 6 month clothes, likes to talk to us, and always has a smile for just about everyone. I feel like I'm starting to hit my stride as a mother. No, it's not getting easier, necessarily... maybe I'm just getting used to just taking things as they come? So far, Enoch's been my easiest baby... or is it just that I know how to take care of a baby third time around? Well either way, he's a joy!

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