Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How I finally liked to exercise

Exercising... it's never been something that I get excited about. I read about people doing marathons and never desire to join them.

I like walking. But the thing about walking is... I never feel like I really accomplish anything, body-wise. I never notice any positive results, unless over an extended period of time, and even then the results are miniscule.

And I want to get stronger, since I feel quite wimpy. But I don't necessarily want to lift weights and get a body-builder physique.

Plus... I just plain wanted to stop feeling so dumpy with post-baby weight. (Yeah... maybe that's a bit superficial.)

But the usual stuff I was doing like walking and pilates just wasn't seeming to cut the mustard. And I didn't want to cut calories as I'm still nursing my baby. (I'm not afraid to eat good-for-you fat, by the way, but that's for another post...)

So that's why I got excited about this way of exercising. (No, this is not an infomercial, and no, I'm not getting paid to endorse!)

Have you ever heard of T-Tapp? I love it! I happened to hear about it from a random blog I subscribe to, and the blogger is a T-Tapp trainer. I had never heard about it, so I ILL'd a book from the library called "Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes" by Teresa Tapp.

Reading that got me really interested, so I ordered. Why would I do that when there's so many other videos and exercises out there?! I was really impressed with what this method promised, and reading all the testimonials in the book spoke to me as well. There is a 15 minute video called the Basic Workout Plus that I especially love because I can usually sneak in 15 minutes somewhere in my day, and it makes me feel awesome! It's not too hard, either. (I haven't even been doing it every day. After an initial brief "boot camp" period, it's actually recommended to NOT do it every day.) If you've never heard of it, at least check out the book from your library, and/or try out some of the videos on the "Try before you buy" tab on her website.

A few bits of info: You don't need weights, and you only need about 3 sq. ft. of floor space. These exercises are for any age and fitness level, and designed to specifically target your lymphatic system to help move out toxins. She's worked with cancer patients, as well as models. (I'm just thinking of snippets from the book, so not really doing this justice. You really should just go check it out to get the full information. )

The book describes the exercises, but I will say it is easier to watch a video... too hard for me to try and follow the book.

If you are curious about inch loss, I've had some decent inch loss over the last month. I'm down 7.25 inches! This is measuring 14 spots on the body. And that was with a very inconsistent exercise regime, no food restriction, and lots of car time.
Bust: -.25
Pecs: -.5
Ribs: -2.5! (I had to double check this one. It's possible my initial measurement was off.... although I did remeasure my initial measurements, as well.)
Waist: -.5
Abs: -2!
Hips: -.5
Upper Thigh Right: -.25
Upper Thigh Left: 0
Lower Thigh Right: +.25
Lower Thigh Left: 0
Calves Right: -.5
Calves Left: -.25
Right arm: -.5
Left arm:+.25

I tried to be as exacting as I could with the measurements, re-measuring several times to try and be as correct as possible. I haven't weighed myself in a long time... just not as concerned with what the scale tells me. Inch loss is where it's at.

Now, I realize I haven't been doing this for very long, but this is an exercise program I can see myself continuing. There is a lady on one of the videos who is 72 that got rid of her humped back and significantly increased her bone density. I'm pretty sure that's something that just walking or running alone cannot do. No offense to the walkers/runners out there. But I just cannot ignore the results!

I really wanted to share this information with everyone, so if you're looking for help in the exercise department, maybe this will help you.

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