Friday, November 23, 2012

Enoch: 10-12 months and beyond

We've reached and surpassed the ONE YEAR mark for my little Enoch. (We call him the Noch-inator.) I always look forward to hitting that 12 month milestone, because it means so much... new and more foods can be eaten, walking, more independence, weaning... Well, at least getting closer to being weaned. ;-)

What can I say... we just love this guy. I didn't do much for his 1st birthday, no cake, not even a meat cake. I made custard, which he didn't really eat. Of which I didn't take a picture. Oops. We had other things going on that day.4

He does love meat, though. As I write this in mid-November, he's working on getting all his molars. Top two have broken through, bottom two are imminent. He still crawls some, but is a pretty good walker. He plays pretty well on his own, loves dancing and bobbing his head to music. He jabbers, can make many animal sounds and knows his "mama", "dada", brothers, "bam-pa" (grampa), "Buh-buh"(Buddy the dog). I know he says other things but that's all I can think of right now.

And he's gotten a haircut. All those curls gone. But hair grows back, so we'll see if the curl stays.

Take a walk down memory lane in pictures.

10th month, or there-abouts....
July 28

Aug. 8

Aug. 9

Aug. 13

Aug. 24 -- 10 months!

11th month, or there-abouts...
Aug. 28

 Sept. 4 -- Stuck in stroller while I watch my brother shoot bow.

Sept. 13 -- Look what I can do!

Sept. 20 -- playing outside

Sept. 22 -- almost 11 months

12th month, or there-abouts....
Sept. 26 -- On top of bunkbeds

 Oct. 9

Oct. 10 -- Look what else I can do!

Oct. 13

Oct. 24, THE birthday! 

Birthday breakfast, scrambled eggs. What is this pokey thing?

He's doing his "concentration lips" as he tries to put egg on the fork.

And beyond...

Nov. 4 -- Hunting time with Grampa! He got pretty good at "cheesing" at the camera.

Nov. 9 -- Tired teddy bear

Nov. 10 -- You can really see his curls in this mini photo shoot. And yes, it really WAS warm enough for short sleeves in November!

The haircut.... Nov. 14

 See the hair on the table in the background.

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