Saturday, March 6, 2010

Judah loves letters

Here is Judah, "checking his email" and wearing one of his favorite outfits. Notice he's sitting on his potty/step stool, which is on top of an overturned storage tote.

For Christmas, Judah got a phonics DVD. It just goes through the alphabet and sounds out the letters and pairs it with an animal. For example it says "Buh Buh Bear" and shows some animated bears. It's his video of choice these days. He'll say that he wants to "watch the letters".

So Judah will notice letters everywhere now. But instead of saying the letter itself, he'll say, "Oh look, it's alligator!" Or on the Daisy brand Sour Cream container, it says "Pure and Natural" and so he sees the "P" and says "Puh Puh, Penguin"! Very cute. I try to make sure to mention what the actual letter is, so he doesn't think the letter is "alligator", "bear", "camel", etc...

A few days ago, I was wearing one of my "Arts on the Green" t-shirts from my time at Bethany. Judah noticed the "alligator", so I pointed to the "r" and he said, "rabbit!" Then he noticed the two "e's" and said, "Look! Two elephants!"

So whenever he sees letters, he sounds them out. The one downside to this is that the video only shows the lowercase letters, so when he see the uppercase letters, he's not quite sure what to make of those, unless they look like the lowercase version.

And here are some photos taken in the last week.

He wanted to wear his tie.

Here are the brothers. Andrew's 4.5 months. Judah's wearing another one of his favorite outfits... he says he wants to wear "the baseball". Yes, that's right, just "the baseball", and I keep telling him it's more of a football jersey, but he still calls it his "baseball".

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