Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trip "up north" in March

We left to go visit my husband's grandma's house in northern Minnesota on Wednesday night (March 10) after the 7pm Lenten service was over. And as if the late night driving wasn't bad enough, it was sooooo foggy!

Andrew travelled well, we only stopped once to eat, but for the 6 1/2 hours we were on the road, Judah only slept for probably 3! He was mesmerized by the dashboard lights and the GPS we were using to help us navigate the roads in the fog.

We left on Saturday morning at 8am (March 13). It took us a bit longer to get home during the day, but it was much more enjoyable to not be dog-tired. Although it was still foggy!

Here are a few photos from our trip.

Great Grandma Merseth enjoyed seeing the boys.

I'm still in the kitchen, just a different one. :-) We made some soups with sprouted beans and barley. Oh, and my shirt makes me look really fat, but I don't truly stick out THAT far.

And to the highlight: tractor and snowmobile rides for Judah! He showed absolutely no expression while riding these, but he was just so excited, his emotions went beyond facial expressions. You could only tell how much fun he was having when it was time to get off the tractor or snowmobile... because he didn't want to.
My husband gets really excited about being here.
Well, he grew up on this farm, and he is farm boy at heart.
Grandma has a sometimes-indoor kitty, and it went over and laid beside Andrew. And then it looked like Andrew was petting it! Funny!

Make yourself comfortable, kitty!

Group photo!

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  1. How fun! I wish we lived in a more rural area. When we visited WI last fall we went to Larry's aunt & uncle's farm and Daniel was in heaven.

    And he's the same way when he does something Really Exciting (for him it's ride on trains) -- he gets very serious about it.