Saturday, May 22, 2010

7 months, double stroller, and car wash anyone?

Time is flying by. Andrew is now 7 months old! He has three teeth, and loves chewing on things. Although he isn't crawling yet, he rolls all over the place. He's a pretty smiley guy, and has the greatest laugh. Andrew thinks Judah is hilarious. It's so funny when they make each other laugh. It's also become clear that we need to start some food, but we need to practice eating. He has a tendency to gag, even on bananas mashed into oblivion. But he obviously likes the taste of bananas--what's not to like?! And he's tried some soft sweet potato chunks. It's a slow road to solids.

I got some clips that hook together two small strollers, so instead of paying lots of money for a double stroller, I got two cheap garage sale strollers and the clips at another garage sale, and voila! El Cheapo double stroller. It works for me!

And we thought Judah was old enough to start working, so Jeff put him to work cleaning the cars. I hope he's this excited to do chores in the future. I think Judah was just happy to be outside, and it was a lovely morning to be outside.

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