Thursday, July 15, 2010

Honey, we're home!

It's been a long time in coming, but FINALLY we're calling northern Minnesota HOME!

After a week at my parents' in Iowa and a family reunion for my side at the end of June/beg. of July, we made the trip up to our new home on July 5th (Jeff's and my 8th anniversary!). We started unpacking that week into the log cabin we're renting, then traveled down to Jeff's grandma's house for a mini-reunion on Saturday. And Sunday, Jeff officially became a Pastor, and me, a pastor's wife, and my boys, rotten PK's... haha!

Now hopefully things will settle down... well, at least we will stop living out of suitcases.

So now I'll post some pictures to tell the story of the past month!

June 20-Seminary graduation.
June 20-Father's Day
June 21-Judah discovered cousin Johnny's bike. He's smiling. Need I say more?
June 22-Andrew is 8 months!
June 25-Visiting Great Grandma Ginny in Iowa.
June 25-Do you think Judah likes raspberries?
June 29-Andrew likes standing up next to things. Still needing help at this point. He likes to walk if you hold his hands. Will straighten his arms and legs while on the ground. Fast crawler.
July 1-Bathtime fun with Andrew!
July 1-Riding the mini-loader with Grandpa Allan. Super cool!
July 4-Independence Day. Picking apples with Grandma Linda was an exciting event.
July 5-"Making do" without our kitchen stuff. Yes, that plate is a lid.
July 6-While we were moving in, Andrew was perfecting his ability to pull himself to standing. This is the wood-burning stove we'll be using during the winter months. Don't worry, I plan to use gates to make this inaccessible to little hands when in use!
July 9-We found this ninja outfit while unpacking. I had wrapped it up for a Christmas present, then hid it and forgot about it. So it was Christmas in July! Nevermind that he's waaaay too big for it now.
July 10-A hot humid day was a perfect chance to fill up water balloons. A huge water fight ensued! I think the adults had more fun than the kids. ;-)
July 11-Jeff's installation and ordination day.
All the cousins
July 12-We were celebrating my 29th birthday while my folks visited (birthday is the 16th). It's messy, but this shows you a little of what the interior of the house looks like.
July 12-This picture is blurry, but I thought it was cute. I am taking the picture through the spaces in the steps that he was CLIMBING! He climbed all the way to the top with his daddy behind him. He thought he was big stuff!
Some recent pictures of the house after it's been (mostly) put in order. We had a little extra incentive to get things put away when we were told that the house was going to be shown by the realtor on Mon, July 19th! (For those that don't know, we're just renting this place till we can find another place a little more in our price range... but already we love it here. Jeff says we might want to buy it just because then we wouldn't have to move again, ugh!)

View of garden out front door
View out of sliding door
Wood burning stove!
Inside views from front door, you can see the stairs up into the loft.
There's the massive table that's been in storage all year! Now we have some space for it.
Up next, a long overdue recipe...

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  1. I love this house! (They are a little more difficult to insure, though! :) I just love reading your blog - I'm not that good of a cook, but you inspire me! I think I'll have to try that ravioli you just posted today - looks yummy!!