Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nine month mark has come and gone

Yes, Andrew is already 9 1/2 months now, but wanted to share some photos around the 9 month mark anyway. It's fun to see his little personality coming through. He is good at entertaining himself. But when he's hungry or dirty, he lets me know. Today he started trilling his tongue! He loves his big brother, and sometimes they have giggle fests. Andrew does NOT like our chickens; his lower lip starts to jut out when he gets too close. He does like to eat grass, and put anything in his mouth, so I've had to go digging several times. And he has a strange obsession with the toilet.

Here we are at the Roseau County Fair on 7-21. He was pretty happy for being beyond exhausted.
While at the fair, Judah was looking forward to sitting on some tractors. But they were all locked except for one with an open cab. What good!
Here we are on 7-22, the nine-month birthday.

This is on 7-29. He was having a photogenic day, so I took a bunch of photos.
He likes to look at books by himself.
You can see some of the top teeth... he's got 8 now!
And this is 7-31. Move over milk mustaches... these are my kefir mustache boys!

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