Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Andrew turns 2 and an "ice cream" recipe

Just days before having baby #3, Andrew turned two.

October 22, 2011 was a lovely Saturday. For breakfast, we had sourdough barley pancakes--extremely filling!

We took two long walks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon (in an attempt to get labor going!), with our family of four, along with Albert the dog and Kitty the kitty. (Yeah, we just can't seem to call it anything else. It's the only one left from the seven we had earlier this summer!) We spent a lot of time outside, just enjoying the warm-ish sunny weather.

Supper was one of our pastured chickens, potatoes, and carrots, followed by some banana cake--yeah, the same one I made for Judah's birthday minus frosting--with some "banana ice cream". Now, I feel really bad, because I cannot find the blog where I found this recipe--well, it's really a non-recipe. To make this "ice cream" here's all you have to do:
  • Freeze chunks of ripe bananas.
  • Put as much as you think you need (usually around 3-4 bananas is what I use) into food processor and process till well chopped.
  • Add some plain yogurt for a semi-thick consistency... Maybe 1 cup? (Like I said, this is a non-recipe...)
  • Add some cream, not too much, though, maybe 1/2 cup? Otherwise it turns into banana soup... which is okay, then you can just drink it like a smoothie! Blend for a few more minutes.
  • That's it! If you wanted to, you could add cocoa powder, peanut butter, other frozen berries... you can add pretty much whatever you like. And it's so good. We don't add sugar because using ripe bananas makes it sweet enough for our taste buds.
Then he opened up some gifts. I got him an orange ball that he really liked at the store, and some mini construction trucks. He also got lots of things from his grandparents and relatives that he opened up later, like clothes, books, socks, diapers, underwear.

Andrew is quite a guy. For a couple months now, he's been able to count to ten, say most of the alphabet, "sings" many songs such as: Old MacDonald had a Farm, BINGO, Bob the Builder theme song, I Am Jesus' Little Lamb, Farmer in the Dell, to name a few. He loves anything tractor, truck, Polaris Ranger, combine. He joins in with us on most of the prayers we say. A few Sundays ago, he busted out singing the final "Amen, Amen, Amen" at the end of the church service. It was really hard not to burst out laughing. He's a pretty happy guy, that loves being outside swinging or pushing his bike. (He doesn't ride it, just pushes it...) He usually takes a shorter nap than his big brother, so if he thinks Judah needs to wake up, he goes in and wakes him up. "'Ake up, Judah! Juuudah!" You just have to smile.

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