Thursday, February 25, 2010

Andrew at four months

We've had a busy week, so Andrew's "four month birthday" flew by without much fanfare. Here's a few photos from around the four month mark.

I can start to see indents where his two front bottom teeth will be coming in, and he does a lot of gnawing on his fists, blanket, or bear. So I'm keeping my eyes open for when those sharpies break through. I haven't started any solids yet, but I'm monitoring how well he sleeps and nurses to see if I need to start him on soft boiled egg yolk. But that's for another blog post....

Just so you know he's not always happy.... it was bedtime, and had been a looooong day!

These below have the same outfit he was in at his 3 month photos, but I love the outfit, so I like having him wear it often.... :-)

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