Saturday, April 24, 2010

Andrew @ 6 months

We've reached the 6 month mark with Andrew. He's a delightful little boy who has a contagious grin. As long as he's clean, fed, and relatively well-rested, he's golden. Of course, that state doesn't really last very long for a baby...

We're still dealing with some serious scratching issues. We'll find him smiling and cooing in his bed in the morning, with a fresh self-inflicted gash on his forehead. I tried socks on his hands once, but he got mad. During the middle of the night, mad is not good. I tried a hat, but he just pulled it off.

Some sources say that scratching the head is a sign of teething. Well, he's got one tooth that made its appearance two weeks ago. And a second one that just poked through.

I'm wondering if he could be scratching also because of some cradle cap, or at least what I think is cradle cap. Andrew's had it for about three months now. I'm hoping it will go away soon. I put oil on it to help loosen it and then try to comb it out. There are many home remedies out there. I've tried baking soda which seems to be helping some.

Anyway, right now I try to distract Andrew from his teething pain as much as possible. It's nice if we can go outside and he can watch Judah play.

In one week we fly to Virginia for a wedding. I am a little nervous and have a lot to think about before we leave. Wish us luck!!

And now, the pictures!

We were playing peekaboo while sitting in the high chair, which we just sit in at meal times. We don't eat yet. But I'm not concerned. He's not showing signs of readiness, like being able to sit unassisted or losing the tongue thrust, so I figure there's no point in forcing something that would just make him and us frustrated. We already tried food, and it was frustrating for both parties! He's growing, and that's the main thing.

Where Andrew is, Judah's always close by. Judah loves getting pictures taken sitting in the chair with his brother. Andrew is six months old in this picture!

Andrew is getting more rolly, as in, he goes from his stomach to his back, back to stomach, stomach to back. So he gets around.
This picture was taken 4-26-10. I love it when they're smiley!

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