Friday, April 9, 2010

End of March, Beginning of April

This is just before Holy Week until after Easter.
Just some photos to tell what we've been up to.

We celebrated Grandma Linda's birthday with a pie. Judah helped blow out the candle, surprise, surprise!

Mid-week of Holy Week, it got super nice outside, so we went outside to play! I think it was the first time Andrew has been outside and not in his carseat covered up by mounds of blankets. Hello, sunshine!
Too bright!
Getting some trike time.

Maundy Thursday and April 1st!
April 2nd--This is the only time I can get him to be still.
Andrew likes to scratch himself on the head with his sharp fingernails. And so I'll find him after his nap, with his head bleeding from self-inflicted wounds!!

Little Brother

April 4th--Happy Easter!

Got to have an Easter egg hunt. It was funny because every time Judah found an egg, he had to open it immediately to see what was inside. Then he had to put the item back inside the egg, close it, and put it in his basket, before he would proceed to finding more eggs. Here is Judah with Uncle Tyler.
Judah got to play outside on Easter Sunday with the big boys, too, getting dirty and playing with sharp tools like shovels. Oh, and rides on the 6-wheeler. Here is Judah with Uncles Tyler and Adam.

And here are just some cute shots of Andrew at 5 1/2 months.

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