Monday, April 26, 2010

Judah and the Big Boy Bed

Sounds like a bedtime story, doesn't it? Well, thankfully this story has been short and sweet.

The bed came. The bed got set up. The bed got slept in. The End.

Grandpa Merseth came on Friday, Apr 23, bearing gifts. He brought a wooden church for Judah to play with. And most importantly, the big boy bed. Here it is getting set up. Of course, Judah had to help.

And here he is reading in bed.

And here's the church. Yes, the roof it off. Judah was filling it up with blocks.

Judah in the bathtub with a mohawk by Mom.

And here's a shot from 4-26-10. I don't think there's any explanation really needed. :-)

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