Friday, April 16, 2010

What to do with whey from cheesemaking?

From my cheesemaking expedition, I found myself in possession of nearly a gallon of whey.

You could throw it away. But since I'm not one to throw a usable product away, I saved all the whey. We've almost finished up the whole bucket of whey in a couple weeks now, and here's what we used it for:
  • Added to soups and stews. To keep the benefits of whey, add it after the soup is cooked. After it gets heated up to a certain temperature, it loses its benefits. We pour stew into bowls then add the whey into the individual servings.
  • Use to soak grains and flours to make them more digestible. I've soaked oatmeal for breakfast and a granola bar recipe. I've soaked flour for bread making. Instead of using a few tablespoons and mostly water, I'll use whey as the entire amount of soaking liquid. Oh, I made some delicious homemade sourdough English muffins this way!
  • Rehydrate dried foods. I even used some whey to rehydrate some dried tomatoes and mushrooms that I used in a meatloaf recipe. It gave them a bit of a tang, rather tasty.
And there are more ideas here! I am totally freezing some whey to use in the kefir shakes we've started having every morning. We've been using plain water ice cubes, but we can pack in more protein by using whey ice cubes! What a "duh" moment, like why didn't I think of that myself?!

I'm going to make some whey ice cubes right now!

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